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In-Depth Analysis

If abnormalities, tree damage or tree diseases are discovered during the visual tree inspection, or if road safety is not ensured, the ISB UrbanForestry can carry out a detailed assessment based on the FLL tree inspection guideline “In-depth examination”. This study will provide you with advice on sensible measures to preserve trees and plan further action.

Before the tree report is prepared, various wood anatomical and tree static analysis methods and devices are used, depending on the examination situation. The ISB UrbanForestry does not reduce the investigation to a single procedure, but pursues a holistic tree safety check, using visual and technical information as necessary, for example:

  • Sonic tomography
  • Pulse/electrotomography in 3D
  • Electrical drilling resistance measurement
  • Tensile test (according to WESSOLLY)
  • Geo radar
  • Analysis of the root zone and soil condition
  • Mycological studies in collaboration with laboratories
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